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    867 can save a man's sanity with the mere shareing of knowledge. OK, here goes...

    How the he11 do you keep it all straight. I've got 5 PPC's and various other ad sources. Each ad source varies in the keywords and ad copy. I need to gauge keyword effectiveness (NetTracker should help with this part shortly). The per click charge needs to be monitored. Bidding wars. Bladeeebladeeeebla. I'm sure I've got it easy. I maintain this for two websites.

    How is it done? Does everyone just wing it? Do you use a magical spread sheet to keep it organized? Some cool software program? Give me some good answers here and maybe I can avoid therapy


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    It's all quite simple. A combination of NetTracker, AdvLogger and/or ClickTracks to keep an eye on keyword effectiveness/visitor tracking. Ranking checking once a month with Search Engine Commando, BidRank and BidRank Plus for PPC management...that does me nicely.

    I just set aside a day a week to check all this stuff. I don't check search engine rankings (even PPC) very often - only if traffic suddenly drops or when the dance is on.

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    I was going crazy with PPC tracking also -- 2 sites, and 10+ PPC with 50 or so keywords. It was a nightmare. I checked them all every day or two, but it took me about 2-3 hours a day, just to get all data and figure out what was going on, then I had to make adjustments.

    Then I found GoToast. I set them up and use their ROA tracking features -- it costs me about $160/month, but it is worth it.

    I just calibrated their numbers with mine and set profitability hurdles for each PPC using rules. Now GoToast tracks the bidding for me and makes sure that I am making good money.

    This allows me to only do a complete data update and review for all my sites once a week.

    The result -- more time to do other things and believe it or not, I am making more $$ than I was before, since my PPC management is now very consistant.

    Hope this helps, I am not a GoToast Affliate, but with this pre-sale copy, maybe I should

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    ppcbidtracker does a decent job for me.

    Its interface isn't as 'sexy' as GoToast, but its price is right. More importantly, it works well.

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    All of that w*rk for a tiny 50 bids!

    When I used to bid on PPCs, I had 700 keywords bid on at Oversure alone, and about 500 each at 2 other PPC places.

    No software. No spreadsheet.

    What I did was very simple. I bid a couple cents on each term I wanted, and then I ignored it! If a merchant died/closed program/got dropped, I'd fish out the "carcasses" from the list. New merchant in? Start typing.

    All in all it worked fine, averaging a profit of 5x what I put in.

    It didn't drive me nuts because unless something was wrong, I wasn't thinking about it. I didn't have those 1700 total bids memorized--H No! But as long as the traffic kept coming and the CR stayed up, there was no need to bother thinking about it. And if it didn't, it was easy to bloodhound-out the relevant bids just by looking at which program was affected.

    (BTW, the reason I quit bidding on PPCs was because Over became a royal PITA with their arbirarily applied "guidelines" [they were kicking out my old bids, too] and the others didn't send enough *quality* traffic to keep bothering with them. And the replacement options didn't seem to be anything special. Plus...I started to get ranks in FREE engines, which eliminated my desire to fight with editorial departments over BS like whether I said "this site is an affiliate of" high enough on the page...or worse yet, BS they'd just invent which was completely irrelevant to the pages in question!)

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