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    I did a Google search for the name of one of my sites last week. I found familiar references to it, and a few that weren't familiar. When clicking on some of the links to look at those sites, I couldn't find my site listed anywhere on the page. Yet when clicking on the cached link, the pages looked completely different, and made references to various pages on my site, along with a link to them. I found several sites doing this, and they all appear to have different owners, according to Whois.

    Is this a form of manipulating their rankings on the SEs? What benefit does the site receive from this? I'm not linking back to them, so there's no reciprocal linking benefit. They are obviously serving a different page to Google than to others, which seems sneaky to me.

    If these sites are serving different pages to the SEs, they must be trying to accomplish something. Could someone explain?


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    Certainly sounds like cloaking to me (use a spider UserAgent to view the site to find out for sure).

    Regarding motivation, while it is common knowledge that incoming links are clearly beneficial to a page's PageRank, there are number of smart SEO's that feel that outgoing links (on theme with the page) can benefit a page as well. Nobody knows 100% - but I would not like to find a site doing something like what you describe; especially if they are cloaking the links.

    Once Google identifies this, and takes action I would not like to be associated with this site -- even though Google claims that they will not penalize any site based on incoming links.

    I would contact the site owner personally, and let them know that you know, and to remove the links.

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    I found the same thing going on by some of my competitors. They are using Google search results in their pages. I.E. search for "blue widget" they have their normal "blue widget" page at the top, and then search results of Google for the term "blue widget" at the bottom. This means that the Google search results will contain the term "blue widget" in all of the links/descriptions and therefore raise the keyword density of that search term.

    This is relatively easy to spot. I type in " mydomain" into Google for my sites. Shows up pages in your site as well as those that link to your site (including those that use this method).

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    Some of these pages have PPC stuff at the bottom, so your page MIGHT have been there when Google spidered it.

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    I search for blue widget all the time on google

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    Ya, I 've seen a bunch of those in link checks for some of my domains.

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