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    When I first started my site, it was at one of those free places. Later, I set up my own domain, but when I went to ask other sites to switch their links to my new domain name ... a lot of them didn't do it. Rather than lose the traffic, I left the site up and have been running it as a mirror site.

    Eventually, the host of the first site started taking the banners down if you agreed to pay for the site. So, I did. $6.95/month. But, my site has grown and I'm up to $12.95 per month. Then last month they really ticked me off. I run a monthly contest at my site, and there is an online entry form. I was directing people to the page at the mirror site to enter the contest, to keep the bandwidth down on my main site. The cheapo site quit forwarding the emails to me. And customer service is for crap. So, I've decided I want just pull it down all together.

    First thing I did was go into all the highly visited pages at that site, and redirected them to identical page at the primary site. Here's the rub: After a month of redirecting, I'm still gettting over 200 visitors a day coming through the mirror site. The majority of this traffic is being sent by MSN Search.

    I thought that since the pages are redirecting, eventually they would pick up on this and start driving the traffic to the primary site, and then I could just cancel the mirror site. But, noooooooo. Same steady traffic every day.

    And here is the kicker! I have one page that I pay for inclusion through Inktomi. The same page at the mirrow site comes up in first position when doing a search, and the page I'm paying for comes up in like 8th position.

    Did I do this right? Will they ever pick up the redirects and quit sending people to the mirror site? I really want to shut that site down and quit paying the $12.95/month.

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    The easiest way to resolve this Tracy is to redirect that traffic to one of my pages. I'm sure MSN and the others will catch on sooner and you won't get a penality for having a mirrored site. Hell for 200 uniques per day I might just pay your 12.95 fee.

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    I had a similar situation a few years ago. I didn't want to mess with my good placement in the SEs, so I started changing out the pages on the "freebie" site a few at a time.

    I started with the least visited pages, removed all of the content from them, and put a "We're moving! Visit our new site here: blah blah blah" notice on them.

    After a couple of months, traffic started dropping off on the old site, and I became more agressive at directing traffic to the new site, by placing more and more of the "We're moving!" messages on the old site. I left the index page online for a few months after everything else had been killed, just in case a few stragglers happened by.

    I still find references to my free site on other sites, and it's been totally gone now for close to 2 years. When I do, I ask them to update their links, but you never know if they will or not.

    Google and all the other SEs behaved quite well, and switched everything over to the new site so I didn't lose anything by moving. I don't know if it will still work the same for you now, but it's worth a try. I think the key was to not switch everything at once, and to allow a period of time where both sites were operating, but the old freebie one didn't have all the pages that the new one had.


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