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    I'm a newbie. I see people talking about parasite, parasite-free merchant.
    Could someone explain what is parasite? who are parasite-free merchants?

    Thank you.

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    Plug-in applications that take over your system and turn it into an Advertising machine. BHO's (browser helper objects) change the way your browser functions, views web pages, and can be programmed to swap your affiliate ID# to someone elses or redirect your referral traffic to a 3rd party server where their tracking cookie replaces your. basically in all forms they are devised as commission thivery tools often posing as reward/points/charity type sites. see for some tips.

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    Spend some time in the Parasite section at ABW. You'll get a lot of information there. Basically, you want to stay away from merchants who are on the list of stores at the parasite websites.

    I don't know what type of site you're building, but there are lots of good merchants represented here at ABW. Look for the ones with the Approved Merchant seal under their icon.

    Best of luck to you with your site, and welcome to ABW!


    Call the Exterminators! We've Got PARASITES!

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    Welcome to ABW

    Dictionary definition of parasite about sums it up...

    Parasite is any organism that lives at the expense of another (host) organism.

    Pretty much the same with the internet thieves. You spend your valuable time creating your sites and hard earned money promoting your sites and these slimey things overwrite your commissions and take your money...they make a living at your expense.

    Becoming a member here is a great move on learning how to avoid the parasites and keep your money in your own pocket.

    To Good Health & Wellbeing,

    Chet Brzezinski
    eVitamins Affiliate Manager

    The eVitamins Parasite & Scumware Policy:

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