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    Dear sir,

    I am interested in purchasing products from your web site, specifically a NY Giants wool and leather jacket. I can not get the site to give me additionall information such as pricing, a picture of the item and a way to order. Please help.


    My site specifically says to click on a product to view additional info, pricing, and an image... More commissions down the drain? I have spoken with this person,and they can't click on the product.. CJ is losing a ton, and so am I!

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    I just don't get why Norton would block advertisements. Popups I can understand because no one goes to a site looking for a popup but normal ads such as text links people are looking for and want...

    Did CJ say something to that Norton guy to tick him off or something? Did they tease him about his glasses maybe?

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    Haiko is working on this issue with Norton, last I heard. CJ is also supposedly looking into it.

    Maybe Haiko will give us an update as to any progress that's been made. How about it, Haiko? Any news to report?


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    I get why Norton does this. They cater specifically to the general masses of users on not wanting adverts .. so Norton just blocks all secondary server requests listed in their file (generally affiliated advert sites) and makes all their customers happy that adverts are now blocked.

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