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    I have seen this before and wondered what was going on.

    At google-dance, I type in a keyword phrase. The results on WWW1 are very different to the results on WWW2 (which is the same as WWW3).
    I type in another phrase and the results are the same on all 3.
    I type in the first phrase to check results are still different and they are.

    Is this due to the start of an update where some data has been loaded and not other data?

    Earlier today the keyword phrase that was giving very different results is back to all 3 showing the same resutls (as were previously only shown on www1).

    Now it is back again to very different results:

    See the phrase: generic viagra
    Then look at: computer deals

    The first has different results at the time of writing (at least here in Spain), while the former has the same results on all three.

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    January 17th, 2005
    That's because Google have many servers in several clusters, and the whole database is not updated at once.

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    Really, so do you think this is the update for sure?

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