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    January 18th, 2005
    Do these things work or is it just another way to get a email addy for spam?


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    It's a way for people to make money. Who uses 10,000 search engines? Top listings in Alta Vista bring me no traffic. What would you expect to get from 10,000 engines that nobody even knows about?

    That reminds me of the spam I found posted on my site from a SEO company. Now who the heck is going to hire a SEO company that posts on a web site where they are not supposed to post? Seems like they are a bit desperate for traffic. lolol

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    it's just spam.
    go see - free info.

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    I have been using for a few years, I love it. Lots of great info.

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    Two things, concerning site submissions, I have learned.

    1. Free site submissions will get you spam from hell.

    2. Payed services. it is like this; why pay when you can achieve the same results doing it yourself for FREE! In most cases. There are some directories it would be good for you to get listed in, but that is entirely different from SE's. Some directories will boost your traffic, and boost your rankings. However, with paid services it is "buyer beware"! I paid an online company to submit my site, three years ago, and I got imediate spam from three hundred different sources. This was for the low, low price of $25.00. Live and learn. The company claimed it would submit my site to 30,000 search engines and directories. Bull shit! Never could verify, other than by the amount of spam I got. Eventually, I did away with that particular email address. Had too, due to the unavoidable spam blast that kept coming. Block sender my tail! The crap just kept coming.

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    10000 search engines? More like 10000 FFA lists. These lists exist for one reason, to get your email address and send you loads of SPAM.

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    I did one a couple of years ago for about $20 and it was complete BS. Spammed everything in site, and then gave a full report back of all the search engines it had spammed. Horrendous. No targetting whatsoever. For example, it decided to spam every top-level category in the ODP. Nice.

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