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    I was checking up on a few keyword searches in Google - what I found on one page was one of my page url's in the title area, my meta description in the text area, and someone elses url in the url area. The cache contained all the text from my page - shown as a glomp string of words. So curious I clicked through on the "more from this site" indicator and found 6 more of these pages, all different url's (not mine) in the title areas.

    What on earth would anyone hope to gain by this??


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    Hmmm.. they could be using your keyword as bait for some sort of PPC link.

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    Someone is content 'jacking you, I suppose. I guess that page has a #1 listing for phrase or other, and so do the others. Scoop the lot, paste it up, and swallow the traffic...

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    I'd like to know who else is in the titles on that page, maybe that individual's site is trying to grab #1 spots from several individuals.

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