I have a special situation that I hope to get some input.

My current web site contains a gift idea section. Since it has been so hard to achieve the good ranking in google, I ended up having a new domain just for these gift idea pages. This new site, of course, takes the same titles and meta tags from my current web site for each page. I won't delete the pages from my current site (they still bring me some traffic now) till the new site gets good enough ranking. Here comes my questions:

1. Will my new site be considered a mirror site compare to the same pages from my current site?

2. If I made some minor changes to the titles and meta tags, will they still be considered mirror site?

3. If I shuffle around a little the contents from the new web site, will it still be considered a mirror site?

4. If I let all these pages stay the same as what they are in my current web site, and do very little crosslinking from all my sites (I have 3 other totally different sites), will it be a problem for google? I just read about some discussions about crosslinking that made me worried.

5. I haven't submitted my site yet due to these concerns. I noticed when submit to google, they have a 'comment' box available for us. I wonder what that is for and whether I can explain my situation during submit so they won't consider this as spam?

Hopefully I have made my questions and situation clear enough. Hope to hear some valuable information from you soon.