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    What is the best way to submit your site to the major search engines?

    I've been using Site Build It, but I've been hearing some bad things lately. So I would like build another site from scratch and submit it to the major search engines. But I don't know exactly how or where to go to do that.

    Your help is appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    You can go to the major ones and usually there is a submit url form you can fill out. The better way is to get links to your site and let the crawlers find you. Heres what i did with one of my new sites. First i linked to my new site from a page that the Google freshbot likes to visit often and Google picked up all the pages fine. Since i'm impatient i then paid to get into AskJeeves/Teoma and Inktomi/MSN usually they will pick you up for free, but i also like the benefit of getting your page you paid for refreshed, every 48hrs for MSN, every 7 days for AskJeeves, i think. I then went to and and submitted my site for free via the basic submit. All this worked great and my new site is in all the engines above. Oh, you might try sumbitting to some directories as well, dmoz, zeal etc.

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    Hello bmar,
    I can't comment on Site Build It, but I would start submitting manually to directories like, DMOZ, JoeAnt, Zeal, GoGuides, and Alta Vista.

    Then I would do some Paid For Inclusions with Inktomi.
    Alta Vista is questionable and is expensive but to me it is a long term investment you'll need to budget for each year along with Inktomi.

    Otherwise submit manually to at least two to three engines a day and in 4-6 weeks sit down review the engines you submitted to then submit all the new pages you built to the engines that are indexing your site.

    Keep an eye on your web logs and search strings and see what happens.

    I'm sure there will be some better suggestions from the rest of the group.
    By the way welcome to "A Best Web"

    Scott Yant
    Mall Director
    Boise Online

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    Thanks for your help!

    Do you recommend any programs that are easy to use for monitering pages are that are being indexed and crawled?

    Thanks again :-)


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