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    January 17th, 2005
    I can tell the holiday season shopping rush is upon us! Do you have visions of... how does that story go? oh well, let me share with you:

    My main traffic/money site is now getting well over a hundred more uniques a day than typical.

    My click-throughs for this site are soring higher than what I would typically see in the reports.

    Now, what would be the result of all this?
    7 day epc - .42

    yep. last year I had an increase in traffic, and clicks, and not the sales I anticipated. I wonder if all them parasite publishers are in compliance? That sixty day window is sweet. Of course, by now, and with certain court rulings, I would imagine the coc doesnt have much juice these days. I mean, if a network were to enforce it (let's pretend they do, for a minute) do you think they would get sued by these publishers in court, since the judges have been going their way, in recent court room battles? Don't you think these publishers would just snub their noses, at this point, toward the coc?

    Adsense, during the holidays, may not be as lucrative as a bunch of sales going through every day. However, with no sales going through, adsense may be the best thing going for some of us.

    CJ affiliate manager account? what the heck is that? "Get links"? what the heck is that?

    I better stop wasting time, and get me my money making links... dayum, what was the login url? oh yeah,

    Big Chuck
    Why do some affiliate networks continue to enable parasitic technology providers to STEAL my hard earned revenue?

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    January 17th, 2005
    My sales at CJ since the last week are great, I have noticed a 50% increase..!


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