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    Well, this author is clueless, which is what we depend on surfers being, but...

    well, read for yourself.


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    Shock. Horror. Journalist discovers the shocking truth about Google. Breaking news: if you type really unspecific queries like 'flowers' or 'apple', you get really general results. Who knew ?

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    If I wanted to find out about flowers and not want to buy them, I would not search for flowers. You don't search for one word if you are looking for something specific.
    Does that author really believe that if someone was looking for research on tulips that you would search for flowers? Just that one word?

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    Yeah, crazy. I saw a recent article where people using search engines are using more phrases while they search, drilling down exactly what they are looking for. How'd this guy ever get published?

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    Having spent most of my life in journalism, I've come to realization that the standards of good editing and reporting have slipped beyond recognition.

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