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    I'm looking PPC costs for a clothing category and I'm trying to determine what my maximum bid should be.

    I realize that higher placement means more click throughs, but does that result in higher profits? Afterall if a higher ranking gives me greater sales, but the margins are terrible, it may not worth doing.

    I'd like to hear other's experience on what they found work the best in terms of generating a good retun on PPC. Specifically, how does getting top five compare to getting placed 5-10, 10-15, 15-20? In my case, I would be using PPC to target a subset of a particular clothing category and will only have one or two direct competitors.

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    Truly the best way is going to be trial and error. You will need to experiment at each position to see which works for you.

    Depending on your budget you may wish to start at #1 or lower down. Top 1 gets many more clicks than 2 or 3 but may be to expensive to give any ROI.

    Best of luck

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