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    Hey Everyone,
    It's hot in Boise with more heat on the way.
    Speaking of heat on the way, how do you promote a brand name without using the brand name you're promoting in search engines?
    They do it on TV, Radio, and Print Publications?

    I'm not going to rant like I use too, but we are doing too much for the commissions we are earning. I feel like I'm making bricks without straw.

    These are our malls our sites and we have to constantly update with links with improper codes, protect our links from pirates, and then be told what to do every time some corporate goober gets promoted.
    It seems like the only way to problem solve at the corprape level is to declare war on the small businesses.

    How can one promote a brand name without mentioning the brand name, any ideas?
    I lied I ranted!

    Scott Yant
    Mall Director
    Boise Online

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    You don't promote the brand, you promote the product and use the brand name. No merchant would want an affiliate to come up first in a search for their company name. Can't blame them for that.

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    Hi Scott, glad it's hot there. It's no warmer than fall at night here (even though the days are nice)...last week the furnace even came on for a while in the predawn chill!

    Some of these merchants are so bad at SEO that all you have to *do* to come up #1 under a name is simply USE it!

    I'm not exaggerating--I've fluked in that way a couple of times when all I did was say the Item's Name a few times in the spin. I also mentioned generic terms for the item--ItemName was hardly the only keyword on the page!

    I'm sick of these clueless jerks trying to punish affiliates for THEIR idiocy and ignorance. Those kind of jerks deserve to be buried under an avalanche of pages which promote their competition, for having the gall to try to beat down their own affiliates instead of actually learning a thing or two about SEO. It shouldn't be hard for a merchant to naturally get #1 under TheirName, (and to rank highly under their major product's name if they aren't selling everything under the sun), if they do some optimizing of their own instead of trying to achieve the impossible dream of being the only one on the spiderable Internet who mentions a particular name on a page.

    ~Revenue is King

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    Contrary to popular belief, you can promote a name, apart from ppc search engines, effectively, and even without placing the name in the title tag or meta tags.

    Make a web page promoting your particular name brand you want to push, and make links to it using the exact name you would other wise use in the title. Wait about three months, and if it works well, duplicate the idea over and over again. I know, because that's what I do. It really does work, especially if you place key word phrases that people would type in, in association with that keyword, example below:

    keyword: Sears
    phrases: sears coupons, sears clearance sale, sears electronics, sears clothing, sears catalog, etc...

    No, I didnt use the examples I actually employ. What? you think I'm crazy

    Big Chuck
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    Thanks for the responses!

    Jane: I’m not so sure about what you said.
    I don’t blame them I delete them.

    Leader: It’s still hot here, but thanks for the cool breeze!

    Big Chuck: That was some awesome sound advice.

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    That's a great tip, Big Chuck - thanks. Getting that type of restriction will certainly put a damper on me wanting to promote a merchant - even if I still can.

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