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    I know many here ( merchants & affiliates) don't read the Clickz articles from their team of advertiser butt kissers. But this guy does get the total picture for getting a ROI on every buck spent to promote your web site or products.

    SEO: Search Engine Optimists?
    › › › ROI Marketing ... BY Bryan Eisenberg

    NetIQ WebTrends and iProspect surveyed over 800 marketing professionals and reported that:

    77 percent of users surveyed are currently using or evaluating paid search strategies.

    41 percent are actively running paid search campaigns.

    31 percent of users don't measure their SEM activities at all.

    60 percent of those who do measure are only measuring basic click-through results and general traffic activity.

    27 percent are measuring through to conversion.

    11 percent are conducting detailed return on investment (ROI) analysis looking at revenue by search phrase and lifetime value.
    The survey isn't truly scientific because it's a self-selected sample. It's also probably skewed in favor of those marketing professionals interested in furthering their education and optimizing their Web marketing.

    Still, it's frightening to realize as hot as search is, so many are failing to maximize its potential. Conversion rates measure success, yet way too many Web marketers equate success with traffic. Every visit should end in a conversion! .........


    Rank Well in Search Engines and Convert the Traffic
    › › › ROI Marketing

    Sponsored by WebTrends

    BY Bryan Eisenberg | July 18, 2003

    Let's focus on the search engine factors you have the greatest control over: what's on the page. The goal is not to provide specifics on how to create top-ranked pages in every search engine but rather to outline the general principles of creating pages that rank well and convert search engine traffic into leads, subscriptions, or sales.

    You want your pages to rank well, but not without meeting both the visitor's and your business objectives. Take advantage of the elements that make your pages relevant to search engines. They're the same elements that make pages relevant (and persuasive) to prospects.

    Begin by finding the right keywords and key phrases.

    Bad Keywords Nullify Everything Else

    Taking time to understand customers is an integral part of effective marketing. How do your most qualified prospects use words to search? In uncovery, the first stage of persuasion architecture, identify all potential keywords/key phrases archetypical customers might use. Then, plan pages in the wireframing stage to address these keywords. How do your prospects ask questions? What is the intent of their queries? The language they use speaks volumes about them.

    If you don't understand how your target audience constructs language patterns in different situations, at different times of the day, or at different times of year, you'll never fully reach your online market. Query language is tremendously important. It can demonstrate a visitor's intent to buy, her stage in the buying cycle, and what question she has on her mind. Every search query or click on a results link is an implicit question from the prospect. Your job is to answer it.

    Prioritize each of your keywords using four criteria: traffic potential, prospect's intent, stage in the buying process, and likelihood to convert. This helps determine the value of your keywords..............

    It's all about conversion folks ...advertising is for direct mailers-telemarketers-TV stations and spammers.

    Mike & Charlie ...

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    I've mentioned this before but in addition to writing for Clickz - Bryan and Jeff Eisenberg
    have an awesome rate newsletter at

    Tons of good info about increasing conversions, web copywriting and e-mail marketing.

    Linda Buquet ~ Affiliate Management Consultant ~ Catalyst
    Representing DentalPlans|Irv's Luggage|Executive Essentials|IntellicontactPro|zZounds|Roadloans

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