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    I am paying for some keywords through Overture. My website name is not one of the keywords since I already get a number one listing when my web name is typed in.

    When someone types in my web name, Overture puts me in the sponsored list anyway so I am in the sponsored list and in the number one position.

    Which means I'm paying for a click I probably would have gotten anyway.

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    1) Are you sure its a paid listing? OV use Inktomi backfill, once the paid stuff runs out

    2) Have you looked hard at your matching rules? If you are bidding on similar terms, you may be getting that listing "by default"

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    It can't be a default, as my search term and web name are too different.

    It could be a backfill. I don't know why they would add some free listings on top of Yahoo's listings though.

    Is there a way to exclude search terms from Overture?


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