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    I've been doing some heavy experimentation lately and have found great return on a couple of PPC Search Engines and pure garbage traffic from others. Is there an index of some sort that publishes roi data from different SE's? If not, please share you horror stories here. I have a feeling that there are some SE's that survive (maybe thrive) on fraudulent traffic lining their affiliates' pockets with lots of pennies.


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    adwords & Overture would rank 1 or 2 depending on the industry you are running ads for.

    As for the rest you must ask yourself at the beginning "where does their traffic come from?"


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    I've been relatively happy with my results on Google Adwords and not nearly as happy with my results on Overture. I feel that I pay through the nose with Overture and the results don't pay. To score with overture you need to be in the top three results, and I find that I'm often chasing after keywords that keep getting more and more expensive. Adwords has a minimum price of $0.05 which is reasonable and even if I'm not the very top I still get decent amounts of traffic.

    Which PPCs have you found that worked the best?


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    Don't overlook the potential with some niche market PPC engines. There are some with high quality traffic and depending on the niche they serve your CTR and ROI can be significantly higher than with 'mainstream' PPC engines.

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