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    Adsense now have related search in its banner make CTR low they tend to be m1cr0sht

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    umm, what?

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    Too early to say, but they are really irritating. It was fine right until they did that!

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    Where are the posts to drop all your CPA and do everything with google adsense?

    It is a new program. There are going to be glitches and changes. We incorporated them onto our sites where they would work, but some people here with the CJ is dead, google!!! Thats just crazy.

    I have never seen an CPC or CPM ad network that didn't piss off half the people who joined and changed things around on a whim. It is in your terms, they have the high ground now and people are dying to be in the program, they are going to keep changing things around until it works best for them.

    So with their new addition - do the ads convert? Do you make enough money? We all want the days of $15CPMs back, but they aren't coming. I was surprised google was paying as high and as well as they were. I imagine as the adword bills hit home, advertisers are looking at the worth of network advertising, vs search advertising. We are going to see less good things from google.


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