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    I have a problem that is probably pretty simple to answer.

    Q: Say I have the keyword "Dog Food" chosen for the main page on my site. Say throughout the mainpage though, that I say the phrase "Dog Food Tips" a good number of times.

    My question is this. Would the search engines pick out the words "dog food" in the phrase "dog food tips" and still optimize for the word "dog food"? The keyword "dog food" of course would appear on its own multiple times. I would just like to know if the keyword "dog food tips" on the same page, would help boost the term "dog food"



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    Hello to a fellow Canuck!

    How well the search engines rank the page for "dog food", "dog food tips" or even "food tips" would depend on a host of factors, but they will indeed see "dog food" in the phrase "dog food tips".

    Different search engines "like" different keyword densities, but if your copy makes good sense to human visitors, you're likely in a safe range.

    Regards from Manitoba,

    Elisabeth Archambault

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    Thanks, always wanted to go fishing in Manatoba! I'm from B.C. so plenty of fishing here too.

    Thanks for the advice.


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