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    I understand that a workable plan to acquire inbound links is very important.

    I recently had a request from a webmaster to link our sites. When I checked the links in to his site, I found a bunch of guestbook entries.

    Do these guestbook links help or hurt?


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    I believe that

    Google's philosphy is that a webmaster has very little control over who links to them so they generally will not punish you over any inbound links.

    They will punish you if you link to a punished site because you do have control over who you link to. For example if you link to a linkstoyou site you could be punished. So be careful who you link to.

    To get rewarded for a link back to your site Google looks at several things. The quality of the site linking to you and the relevance of the site linking to you. For example: a car site linking to another car site is more valuable then a car site linking to a cancer site.

    A high rank on Yahoo is a good link back to your site because of Yahoo's tremendous rank.

    Although Google denies it; I have noticed that sites using Google's adsense technology get a boost in rank. They definitely get crawled regularly.

    Of course

    All this could change tomorrow.

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    What Steve said plus it helps getting the word or phrase you're optimizing for in the link text. Right now i don't think Google uses relevancy of what site links to you as long as you get links in. I think only Teoma/AskJeeves has this in the algo.

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