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    Got a quick question... Don't think it is a SE question but this forum seems close enough.

    My webalizer stats tell me I have (for example) 100 visits to my site but my AWstats tell me I have only 50 visits. Which is more correct?

    Thanks for the insight.


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    Do you have the AWstats code on all your pages?

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    AWStats is tracked through the server, no code on individual pages.

    I've also noticed big discrepancies between what Analog, Webalizer, and AWStats report. Quite often, they are worlds apart on their reporting. I don't know which one to believe.

    Based on ad impressions, previous tracking, etc., I use AWStats because it seems to be the most reliable, and the most logical choice. I've never been able to get a good answer for why the numbers are so far off between the various reports, though.

    If anyone knows, they'll be here at ABW...


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    The reason for the disparities between various stats packages is usually down to two things. One is whether they count spiders and bots as 'visitors' or not. Ideally, you want to be using one that separates real visitors from spiders/bots as much as possible.

    Also each stats package has a slightly differing definition of 'unique visitor' based on session times and IP. The idea of a unique visitor is a nebulous one. Stats packages make assumptions about the point at which a visitor becomes another 'unique visitor'. IE: They set a cut off limit (often at 30 minutes) after which time the stats package will record that IP as a new visitor. That's why you get different results from different stats packages.

    WebAlizer is, however, dreadful at everything and not to be trusted. If you have small enough log files, download a day's worth and make a comparison between your own assessment and what WebAlizer is coming up with. You'll never use it again.

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