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    I have a simple question about wordtracker...

    When they show the "count" of a certain keyword, is there anyway to delve down deeper and see the count of a specific keyword in a specific search engine, say google? I am wondering because I am going to be running an adwords campaign, and only goolge applys.

    Thanks in advance,


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    If you're using the paid version (not free trial), you can do competitive keyword searches to determine the amount of competition for each keyword on each engine. This may not give you exact answers, but could give you a few hints.

    Personally, I don't think it makes much difference. I'm sure google doesn't give out exact figures and any estimates you come up with will be comparable to wordtracker's results on a smaller scale.

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    Actually I don't think Wordtracker gets any data from Google. I am pretty sure they compile date from some of the lesser search engine players like Metacrawler and maybe Hotbot.

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