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    Hello all...

    Oh ye of little faith...

    To those naysayers who informed me that froogle was a non-starter, won't ever go anywhere, etc., etc....I though you might find this screenshot (found at webmasterworld) of froogle's results being tested on the main SERPs page at google:

    From all appearances, it looks like it's posting the 3 lowest prices for mathcing products, followed by a link to search on froogle.

    Methinks google will be launching soon to compete with Yahoo's new shopping engine.


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    I think they rate the top three bases upon click ratio. Leave it to the minds of Google to try and put some value at the end of a click. Thats why they're #1 and watch for evermore stringent purging of listings where they feel the SE spammers have negated the click value to loyal google users.

    Mike & Charlie ...

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