Hello -

I have a huge site that had tons of URLS pointing at dynamic pages (i.e. http://mysite.com/widgets.htm?page=1).

Google crawled it a little bit, but I soon realized that in order to get all of the pages in, I needed to make those URLs more "static looking" (i.e. http://mysite.com/widgets/page1).

Now, before doing this, I am worried that google will think I have duplicate pages. So I plan on making the OLD URL's not work, and will give a 404 error, only the new more "static" looking URL's will get you to the page.

Is it possible to take a google penalty because google still has the snapshots of the "dynamic" looking page, and that content will be the same as the new "static looking" page (as soon as it crawls the site again)? Or is google smart enough to know, that before it assumes I have duplicate pages, to check the old one and see if it is still there?

I guess I could have simplified this question by asking "If I rename a page from http://mysite.com/widgets.html to http://mysite.com/widget.html" is google smart enough not to think I have a duplicate, and relize it's the same page, but it's just had the name change?