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    "In a week, Google will launch an expanded matching feature as part of our broad keyword matching option. We'll constantly analyze your keywords, ad text, and the millions of queries and clicks that appear on Google every day and identify additional terms (including plurals) that will trigger your ads."

    So I test it with "self tanners"

    I get back relevant results together with:
    *tanners cove
    *leather tanners
    *london tanners
    *tanners preserve
    *tanners restaurant
    *tanners chicken
    *tanners coffee
    *tanners steakhouse
    *moosehead tanners

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    I agree that it will hurt some and help others. All depends on the keywords and the algo.

    Wait and see?


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    It's just an option, i think i will stay with the keywords i pick.

    "The successful man is the average man, focused."

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    I tested it for the word "cigarettes"
    Got back a HUGE list of keyword phrases.

    The problem is they don't take cigarette ADS

    Wht would they have those KWs in their database?

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    Give it a chance. They will probably use statistical analysis of click thrus to determine relevancy. For examply, if someone types in "shoes" they will probably click on adwords linked to the keywords "nike, adidas, reebok, etc."

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