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    Hopefully I won't be insulting anybody here on the boards with this subject, so - here goes...

    Today I received a linking request that was somewhat unusual in that the requestor wanted me to reply first via email that it was okay for them to send me their link for my review, as opposed to the typical method that people use to make a link request. The email was from or most likely someone who is a member/subscriber to their service. Anybody know anything about them? I noticed when I visited their site, they had the white bar (0/10) for page rank, but I don't know if that means that they've been banned or just have no pagerank. I thought that if you were banned from Google, you got the gray bar for page rank. Anyway, I don't want to get involved with them if they are a link farm. I'd appreciate any info or experience someone may have or had in the past.


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    Link builder are a company who offer link building services to their clients. This isn't some automated spam thing, there are real people involved here. They also seem to be quite careful about checking out sites they approach for links.

    I pretty much always reply to their emails, if only to check out what other links they've found that I might not have done. So, no they're not a link farm, they are a professional link building service. They're not exactly the top end of the market, but it's always worth replying and taking a look at the site they are working on. You might find it has a PR0 as these will be new sites, but if you like the site, then exchange a link.

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    I was surprised to see markymark holds them in so much esteem.

    My experiences have been that the sites they "match" up have no relevance to each other at all, and the couple of times I've gone through the rigmarole of expressing interest, getting their client details and putting up a link ... they then told me their client had decided that they didn't think my site was relevant enough to swap links with.

    Most recently, this was for a retractable awning company which had a links page (actually one of several links pages)containing highly relevant stuff like MS Office tips, how to get cheap cars and so on. I was swapping a link from a page of gardening books.

    I may be petty, but this annoyed me so much that I removed the offending links and replaced them with free one-way links to the best competitors I could find.

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