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    Not surprised in the least. They converted like crazy when the program started then stopped cold. Suspected that their tracking code had gone awry and now, they are deactivated. Next come the reversals...

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    Sleaze play by a merchant who only sells during one particular Holiday season. They calculate when to terminate the program, turn off tracking, knowing affiliates will still generate traffic from embedded site links. This should be automatic banishment from the network for this type merchnat activivity. Over the years toys merchants pulled this crap at Christmas and then announce their program moved to a new network right after January 1st.

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    Did you get an email about them being deactivated? I didn't receive anything, they're still on all my BeFree pages as "Active" and my links still work.

    Edited - Nevermind. I didn't notice you posted this in CJ's forum.

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    They're not getting traffic. All of the links go to the CJ deactivated advertiser page. Is Fright Catalog part of They also deactivated at the same time.


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