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    Hi all,
    I'm new to posting here but not to lurking and searching.

    We are creating a new system for our affiliates, and want to support their SEO efforts as much as possible.

    In your opinions, what are the best link structures to use for affiliate product links?

    We want a system that will allow affiliates to benefit from their product links and anchor text, possibly by having the links point to an internal (to them) page before forwarding the purchase to us.

    Currently, our thinking is to have their product links point to their home page with a short url param for the prod_id. The product page would have client side javascript (need to support static pages)that would then forward the browser to our (remote) checkout with url params for affiliate id and product id.

    So an affiliate with the website would have products that are fulfilled via our site, .
    Their home page would be
    Their product page would be
    The purchase link on their product page would be {A HREF=""}Buy Blue Widget Now!{/A}

    Their homepage would have clientside javascript redirects for non dynamic servers or php/asp redirects for dynamic servers.

    Will this benefit their internal linking, as opposed to leeching page rank from their product pages?

    Any comments or suggestions for improvements?


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    If I've understood correctly, the answer is no, this would benefit nobody and potentially do more harm than good.

    If the purchase links are, etc - you are not transferring PageRank or link popularity back to the home page as and are different pages. All that would end up happening is that the search engine spiders would see a bunch of duplicate pages (index.htm?prod=01, index.htm?prod=02, etc) that they would ignore.

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    Thanks for the clarification. So we would be far better off to point the product links at an internal order page, like . If I understand you correctly.

    Would there be any difference to the affiliate page between that order page being local vs remote (on our server)?

    I am told that link text actually helps the keyword density and value of the page that its on, in addition to transfering rank out. So if the links are pointing at a local non-indexed page, would it have benefit?

    Thanks again

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    Another possibility would be to use javascript in the link and pass the paramaters via hidden form variables to the index.

    Do spiders crawl links with onClick events? ( I know they wouldnt activate the event, but I'm not sure if they are ignored all together.

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