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    Hello -

    What benefit do sub domains give to large sites, other than logically grouping different sections - helping people remember URLS to specific sections of a site , etc?

    What are the SEO benefits - do the main SE's treat the sub domains as different domains all together?

    I have never used them yet, but am building a large site, and am wondering if I should go this route....



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    subdomains really confer no more benefit than directories. In fact, I see no use for subdomains now unless you really have to split your site up into 2 separate servers for performance reasons.

    Just buy another domain name if you want. they are 5 bucks each now.

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    I guess what I was wondering is - my site is pretty deep, and one section of it has like 5 or 6 layers down below the root. Would it make sense, from a SE spider perspective, for me to through this section on a subdomain, which could make it only 3 or 4 levels deep?


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    I did a little reading on this subject. If what I read is true the SE's do treat each sub domain as a different site. It will need to be SEO'd just like a new site.

    I think that you could accomplish what you need with more than one site map link on your index page. ie... map one for the first two levels, map two for the next two levels, etc. By doing it this way, you are never more than two clicks from the index.

    If I remember correctly, you can get by without penalty with 100 or less links on each site map. Never have heard if there is a limit on the number of site maps you can have.


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