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    I've read a few things on SEO, and one thing in particular that is mentioned is to have descriptive file names to appear more favorable to search engines. With this there is also the debate on whether you should keep all files in root or not for page rank purposes(although I think this one is mixed up between "link depth" and "file/folder" depth).

    My pages on a new site are beginning to pile up in root with descriptive names and so on.

    I'm trying to avoid paralysis by analysis and CONSTANTLY trying to perfect things so I can get things done

    I've got the urge to start using sub directories so I don't go crazy, and my descriptive file names for sub-main pages will turn into index.html.

    Will this hinder serp ranking or is it insignificant enough to not matter? The sub-folder will be named what the sub index.html files used to be named.

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    I'm with you on all the clutter in root.

    I can't tell you about the serp's attitude about directories. I CAN tell you that the pages in the sub-directories will get spidered if you have a good site map.

    Google went four levels deep on my site about a week or so ago. In the last two days I'm getting hits on pages that are in the sub-directories. None of the pages have any page rank.

    There are several very good posts here by experienced marketers that say (essentially) 'forget about pr...go for spiderfood and good SEO'. It makes very good sense to me.

    No more worries about the updates or what level the pages have achieved. Although, it does give one a nice feeling to see a good pr

    Go for the simplest way for you to keep your site in order. Keep in mind the need for logical navigation for your customers. Do your SEO. Make some bucks.


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    Directories are pretty much irrelevant as far as I can see, certainly for Google. PageRank isn't based on directory structure, it's based on linking structure, which often follows the directory structure.

    It seems to me that the best way of designing the linking structure is so that every page is as close to the root as possible, so if you go from the index.htm -> Widgets -> Acme Corp Everlasting Blue Widget that will generally only drop a couple of PageRank points. However, index.htm -> Gadgets & Widgets -> Widgets -> Blue Widgets -> Acme Corp -> Everlasting Blue Widget will lose you a lot more.

    List all your level two categories (e.g. Widgets, Gadgets, Thingummies, Whatchamacallits) on every page as this will help to maintain PageRank. Received wisdom is that you should limit yourself to 100 links per page.

    Caveat: you don't see very many really long URLs in Google, so it might cut them off eventually.

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