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    This will be interesting for the future of search engines. Any thoughts?

    Google approached by Microsoft for takeover
    By Maija Pesola
    Published: October 31 2003 12:25 | Last Updated: October 31 2003 12:25

    Microsoft approached Google within the last two months to discuss options, including a takeover of the leading search engine company, according to the New York Times.

    The approach "gained little traction" , according to the report, with Google indicating that it preferred to pursue an initial public offering. However, one executive close to the discussions said Microsoft could still be interested in pursuing Google at a later date.

    Microsoft is known to be keen to take a larger share of the lucrative online search market, which is dominated by Google. Microsoft recently split its MSN online service into two divisions, laying the groundwork to more effectively compete with Yahoo and Google.

    It is working on building its own algorithmic search engine, which is expected to make a debut in the first half of 2004.

    It has also begun building an advertising business around search, to compete with Google.

    At the moment, Microsoft relies on partnerships with Inktomi and Overture for running its search services. Inktomi runs the Microsoft search engine while Overture provides advertising linked to searches.

    However, Yahoo has recently bought Inktomi and is planning an acquisition of Overture, setting up a potential conflict with Microsoft. Google, meanwhile, has a close relationship with AOL, a rival to Microsoft in the internet space.

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    Any change to Google will/is going to be a disaster for most affiliates. MS buying them would be horrible, because if you use as a case study, you can see clearly that they only care about making money for themselves with their own content driven ads and partner links that pre-empt your search results.

    Hoping a user would come to and search for a college degree so you can pimp out UofPhoenix? Too bad, cause guess what? already has their own deal with them and has a content piece on their home page called "Get an online college degree!"

    Poof, why do they need to search now? They don't.

    Not to mention that if a person does search, they can perhaps get 2 full pages of "sponsored" ads before reaching your site.

    Honestly, it's very smart of them. They've successfully turned their traffic into revenue. Good business really. Sucky for Affiliates though.

    Jim Kukral
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    KowaBunga! Technologies

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    I wouldn't like a takeover of google by Microsoft one bit.

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    From a IT view point I'd would have to wonder if the name would change from Google to GoogleXP, Google2003, or Google2004 and will I need to be certified to search the internet. Additionally would sites indexed under the current version of google be compatible with future versions of google. If not would there be a service patch to make them compliant? Finally what would the hardware requirements be? Would I need more ram, a faster CPU, More HDD space or a better video card.

    Time for someone to start developing the next generation of SE technology.



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    I was really surprised that Yahoo and not Microsoft bought overture. I do not know why they let that one slip, unless of course they were going after something bigger and better.

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