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    (my bad Ricky Ricardo impression )

    I go to google at home (cable modem) and search for a new site.. it's nowhere to be found --- 30 + pages

    I go to work -- (T1) and search for the same site.. there it is.. page 5 --like the 40th listing..

    No different than the first site, except location.

    I use terminal services (location 800 miles away) search same term on Google.. again, nowhere to be found.


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    Google serves results from numerous different centers. They aren't all serving up the same results. If you saw it in one, it is there and the other centers will eventually update to include it.

    My techno speak ain't so great and I am sure someone else can 'splain it better. But, basically, that's it. Google ain't one thing.

    Here are some different googley goos to check your progress. I think there are more, now. EX -- Exodus Communications, USA (an ISP?) SJ -- San Jose, California, USA VA -- Virginia, USA (AOL!?) DC -- Washington, DC, USA ZU -- Zurick, Switzerland

    www-sj and www-zu redirect to other data centers.

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    Thanks Sans!

    Your techno-ese is just fine.. !!!

    Thanks for splainin!


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