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    I built a site first with all files in root due to an issue I had with sub-domain references popping up when sub directories were typed in without a trailing slash.

    I have adsense on quite a few of these pages and they got relevant ads after the first few visits.

    Recently as my page count started to go over 30 I found all in root to be cumbersome so I switched to using sub directories.

    My problem is pages with previously relevant adsense ads are now showing public service ads. I did change the name of many of the files to index.html in their own sub folders and these folders can be 3-4 deep but click/spider path only 2 deep at most.

    The PSA's have been there for longer than I expected, is this due to me changing location and names of files or the depth the spider has to go from root? All my pages 1 sub folder down are showing proper ads, the ones that take 2 clicks(root/sub/sub/) are showing PSA.

    Newbie mistake I guess.. changing the underlying structure of my site right after google came by for a brief visit

    I'm in organization heaven now though

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    One of 2 things probably happened. If adsense had crawled the pages before, it means they couldn't match an ad to the category they placed you in. If they haven't yet crawled the new pages, you'll have to wait until they get crawled to get relevant ads on them. If a page has been "pre-crawled", new relevant ads show up immediately.

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