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    I finally got my home page in the permanent index (#150 or so ) and it still has a pagerank of 0.

    Many of the other pages haven't been indexed yet show PR of 2 on and off (changes between 0 and 2) as I go through my site.

    In other news it seems google came by for a visit and checked out all my other pages finally.. going on the 3 month mark here.

    Crossing my fingers for a better serp position next update because I should now be armed with a dozen or so backlinks and my inner pages.

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    PR0 for a new site just means that it hasn't been fully calculated yet (it seems to take months at the moment) and is nothing to worry about. The toolbar PR always lags behind Google's "internal" PR anyway.

    In addition, Google "guesses" PR for some pages that it hasn't fully indexed yet. Really for new sites, the toolbar isn't that useful.

    However.. if you get a PR0 on an established site, then that's a very bad thing indeed.

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