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    From a newsletter i get:

    "You've probably noticed that Google is displaying very questionable results for some search terms and that some rankings on Google are strange at the moment.

    Google has recently had many problems with spammers that diluted the quality of the index.

    It seems that Google made some changes in its ranking algorithms in an attempt to stop the spammers and that an index rebuild is on the way.

    Unfortunately, it appears that in some cases the spammy pages are still there and in other cases the non-spammy pages have been accidentally removed. Some Google results are quite unusual at the moment.

    We think that Google will continue to fine-tune its ranking algorithms until the spammers are out. At the moment, the only thing we all can do is to wait until Google gets back to its known quality for all search terms."

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    Thanks for the note of comfort Trust. Some of my pages from my sites have disappeared and I was worried that somehow Google had penalized me or something - I haven't used any dodgy tactics or spammy methods. I hope they come back soon - traffic is suffering as a result.


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    One of my sites that listed Extremely well for over 2 Years has disappeared. It wasn't the least bit "spammy" either.

    I hope they get their act together. It seems it's nothing but .org, .gov or spammy sites listing well now!

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    Once again, the shameless spammers are to blame. I noticed many websites that are still listed under numerous keywords that only offer some garbage redirect (to ebay or some questionable PPC results) or ... nothing at all related to the keywords. In one instance I found the first 3 PAGES populated almost entirely by the same crap under different domains, or subdomains...
    It is a good effort by Google, but many legitimate sites suffered - maybe soon everything will get better.
    I have doubts, though, because spammers always seem to either be one step ahead or able to adapt very fast....

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    Where you get this newsletter?

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