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    January 17th, 2005
    not sure if now is a good time, my content site which relies mainly on adsense got into google just in time for the holidays but traffic isn't exactly great.

    Unique visitors:
    Oct - 41
    Nov - 619
    Dec - 1757 so far(would be more than 1800 but my host server was down for over 7 friggin hours today!)

    The growth looks promising(estimated bookmarks of just under 10%), checking my logs I notice two search phrases with nearly 5-6x the amount of searches compared to everything else. I've been considering submitting these pages to inktomi with paid inclusion to boost traffic a bit more.

    $40 per year seems reasonable if I can make more than that through adsense and perhaps some affiliate links soon.

    Google is top referring engine so far at 77.5%, next is yahoo at 17.8%, MSN is way down at the bottom 0.1% with 2 pages.

    I don't think I'm even in MSN anymore, last month I got 16 referrals from that engine but had less than half the traffic.

    Is there a chance I can get a decent position in inktomi(MSN, Yahoo soon, etc) if my position in google for those specific search terms are also pretty good?(page 1)

    I don't know if I should wait until I'm making a decent amount of money before paying for stuff like inclusion(no guarantee of good listing). I do ok with adwords as I made more than I spent but without url tracking I'm not totally sure about which site got the clicks

    Inktomi's search bot came by the site the other day also, would I be better off waiting to see if it picks it up or will take really long vs 48 hour with paid?

    it's past 5am and I think I'm rambling now.. I'll leave it at that.

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    January 18th, 2005
    I think i would wait and see before paying, butof course i would never pay especially after the bot passed by. I would give it a week or so.
    dont dismiss msn either once the new internet explorer comes out with built in search bar it will become more of a player IMHO of course

    parasites = no money
    no parasites = money
    money is the choice im making i will see you there!!

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