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    My income for this xmas is historically low.
    Because my sites depend on Google for free traffic.

    All my hard work for site maintenance does not convert to earnings.

    Should i do PPC SE advertising now ?

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    Only you can answer that...

    Right then lets do some work... er, um

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    Before you do PPC, look at other avenues. It is expensive and requires quite a bit of management. I hate to see those posts...."I blew away $500 and made 3 sales."


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    PPC can be tricky to start out with
    I have gone the slow steady approach with places where I can still get some traffic starting at .01 to learn more without huge amounts of money being wasted.

    Many places needing .05 to .10 minimum can be an expensive proposition if just starting out.

    I dabble with PPC and many site pages and a redirection are going to be reveiwed and changed in 04.

    Target, Target, Target,

    Finally getting a grasp of specific items that have seen an increase in sales has me focusing more on these ones vs. a generic approach of just getting them to a page of numerous goods.

    Keying in on a specific product may see some better results at least in my situation even though you may find differently.
    If some are seasonal keeping an eye on the amount bid and where others have bid need to be monitored closely. I had a chocolate page and bids ran me out of my .02 per bid up to .10 per click over the holidays. My earnings on it were up, not at the same 500 percentage increase the bids cost me, but gave a reasonable return. I had to monitor this daily as it was a roller coaster staying in the top ten.
    To wrap up; start with some basics, learn a bit before you dive in deep where clicks mean a huge monetary gamble and remain diligent in monitoring things until you get a better grasp on them.


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