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    340 ? I found that it visited my site and I can't quite figure it out.

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    Good Morning Mr.ronWLS,

    I did a search on Google and seen a list that contain

    You might want to do the search, not sure if it's allowed to put the url here.

    I think t's something about statistic!

    hope this help a little.

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    On the question what is I found the following answer:

    "CJ is trying alot of questionable tactics these days. I caught them using Wget on one of my sites that a) is an affiliate of a merchant that uses CJ, and b) does not go through their system (we have our own relationship with the company). I had to send them to the black hole. Until they straighten up and fly right - as grandma used to say, I'm blocking them at the firewall."


    P.S. Wget is a utility to download websites. Is using a spybot?

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    "Wget is a utility to download websites"

    That's not exactly true, it's a file transfer utility. Every web authoring program includes some sort of file transfer utility, usually FTP.

    You can use Front Page to open and save any web page on the Internet. Doesn't mean that you can classify Front Page as a utility to download websites.

    And just because one person on the Internet posts something, doesn't make it the truth. CJ has a crawler and they've been on my sites frequently. It's been reported here many times.


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    They may have been using wget to check that your links are working properly.

    If you add the "-S" option to wget, it prints out the http headers as it receives the page.

    Handy for checking what cookies are being chucked around by merchants and networks. Also good for figuring out exactly WHERE things are failing, when they fail.

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    We used GroupWise (a Novel product) for our email client, hence the URL If you see a visit from the above URL, it is probably a CJ employee visiting your site from our intranet. It could be an account development manager,, client services, QA, compliance, or anyone who happens to access your site out of curiosity.

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