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    I am in need of traffic, not sure if I am going about this in the right way. I setup my site, reworked the title,meta,and keywords.I do not have a link exchange setup yet. Do you think that my main problem is that no one is linking to me? Or is it that I am expecting to much too fast? I need traffic and I am not able to buy it at this time. So my only hope is search engines, seems the big ones are setup to pay if you want to play. Right now I have all the time in the world as I am unemployed and trying to get this to work for me. Any Ideas on what I need to do or not to do?

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    Is it the netfirms site ??

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    If you have tiem but not money- i would suggest starting with the links

    If it were me I would make a two pronged attack-
    1-contact related sales sites about exchanging links
    2- create relvant content on this site or a new site- link into your sales pages. Make this unique content and you can begin to solicit links from relevant sites that won't require a link back

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    Have you submitted your site to Google and the other top SEs?

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    You have to balance the money versus the time.

    If you don't want to spend, you can do free submissions and link exchanges (you really do need to have some incoming links). But you will have to wait (4-6 weeks typically).

    If want in fast, then you have to pay Inktomi et al. for rapid inclusion (a few days).

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