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    good day,

    i would like to ask todd, ABW AMs and members of ABW on the "corrected" transactions process.

    if a merchant says "the transaction is invalid" does CJ have a system to countercheck?

    what if a certain merchant is cheating? will the merchant get away with it?

    i asked because i got a $$$ of "corrected" commission, with "invalid credit card" as the reason.. dont the merchants have a way to check the credit cards for authenticity at all?.



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    There is really no way for CJ to validate any reversals so it is pretty much the merchants word you have to take... Some of them do not process credit card authorizations on thier site so they credit the sale as soon as the final buy button is clicked and then later on reverse the sale if they try to do an authorization and it fails...therefore giving you an invalid CC reversal.

    As with any program, I would look elsewhere if they are consistantly reversing your sales at an unacceptable level.

    Merchants that do reverse sales unecessarily do get away with unjustified reversals in short term but it will definately catch up to them in the long term when the word gets out about them and they can't get any good affiliates to work with them anymore and then wonder why they can't get more sales.

    Hope that helps

    To Good Health & Wellbeing,

    Chet Brzezinski
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    thanks chet for the help,

    btw, i signed up as your affiliate, hope w can make money soon.

    all the best,


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