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    So I am up tonight dealing with some "Must be opt-in" emails from a cpaempire "affiliate" plowing through a server, and I decide to check my urchin stats on a few sites (i have been busy this past 1/2 month so not much stat checking lately)

    I have some content sites with large forums, over 1.5 million posts. I never setup any robot tags on them because most SEs ignored them due to the fact of passing numerous ids in the url.

    Google must have dove in deep. Real deep. I am getting 3-4,000 uniques a day to the forums just from google now, top 10 with bizarre choices of words. They are words being used in the posts, but nothing special, just happened to be mentioned.

    Is anyone else seeing this kind of behavoir on dynamic pages?


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    I don't have any dynamic pages, but I have noticed that it has become a LOT easier to find forum threads in Google. If I enter a question about a video game, it's almost certian to bring up lots of results from forums. Health topics are another category that can generate a lot of message board posts.

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    I have noticed the same thing.. with dynamic pages...

    I have one website that seems to be visited every 10 days and is completely indexed everytime... needless to say... I am now adding links to my new websites asi create them...

    I notice the new website are being spidered much more quickly.. then usual.

    some of these new websites are dynamic as well ...

    I am seeing the same thng with these as well...


    And, that's the bottom line because it's my2cents!

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