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Interesting Google Tool: SearchGrid

Ever wondered how various combinations of search words can change your result count? Now you can find out with an interesting Google tool called SearchGrid ( http://blog.outer-court.com/search-grid/ ).

To use the grid, fill out the search words you want to check along the top and side of the grid. Then for each cell in the grid SearchGrid will search for the terms *as a phrase*. (In other words, if you search for "coolest" in one column and "new car" in the other, SearchGrid will search for the phrase "coolest new car". )

In each cell in the grid you'll get the number of search results for that particular phrase as well as information on the first result. Since the words are being searched for as a phrase, you have to be careful about the query words you use, but this is interesting.

Hope this helps someone. Just try to pass on any tools I find in case it can do anyone soem good.

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