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    I have been checking my keywords and checking out my competition as a good affiliate should. In doing so I consistently see sites ahead of mine that are very similar (some sites are made with the same template) and not too different in their keywords. However, their PR is less than mine and checking the google Dancetool, I see they have less backlinks. Some have only 4 or 5 backlinks listed... yet they are consistently ahead of mine.

    What might be the cause of this? Is it the great unknown, or maybe I have overlooked something basic.

    (My site was indexed about a month ago but I have worked to get my backlinks and they show up on google. thought this might be important info.)


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    If anyone had the answer to this one 100%, it would be worth a lot of money! I honestly don't think anyone can say for sure why this happens.

    A couple of things to consider: Did you check Google's cache of the sites listed higher than yours? Did it match the site you saw? Some sites serve different pages to Googlebot, and get ranked higher because of it.

    It could be keyword density on the pages, the text in the anchor links coming in, or perhaps the few backlinks they do have are all from high PR sites.

    If you figure it out, please let the rest of us know. I keep hoping Google will get straightened out, as there are too many instances of sites that are ranked high that really don't deserve to be there. And I'm not comparing anything to my sites, or using a competitive keyword or phrase, but in general I find there is an awful lot up top that IMO just doesn't deserve to be there.


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    I knew asking the question was fruitless as it is an old question and a frustrating subject. the post was mainly out of frustration.

    Thanks for the feedback anyway.

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    Steve the key you seek is apparent to me. Any AMs catering to the whims of SE spammers will dilute their best display affiliate's listings along with those of the merchant's they represent. I can prove that 100% from my own and affiliate enabled client's SERP listings.

    Most AM's seek SE panels ...not quality.. to keep their competition off the board.

    Mike & Charlie ...

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