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    January 17th, 2005
    Okay, I just setup a new site this week. I had a few sites from long ago that were ranked 6/10 on google PR, these sites now forward to my new site... will this help my new site at all?

    Next, I have never had a site get listed on google in two years (except the 6/10 site), basically because I didn't know about SEO. This time I tried to optimize the site, which is mostly a forum, and added an auto. sitemap for the forum.

    Today I noticed that the googlebot had viewed about 350 of my pages on the forum, etc... so what now? Does this mean that these pages will get listed at all or what? My site is and is currently linked on some major sites like, so I am guessing this will help?

    Just wondering how google works after it has found my site.

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    far far away....
    Welcome to ABW

    Personally... I think you are off to a good start...


    And, that's the bottom line because it's my2cents!

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    Hi, subigo. Welcome to ABW!

    At this point, I'd wait to see if your pages show up in Google. If they do, but you want to get a better rank for them, you might try linking to individual pages from your old site.

    A site with a PR of 6 should be able to transfer a decent chunk of PR if there aren't a lot of links going out.

    Best of luck on your new site, let us know how it goes once your new site is in Google.


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    Welcome to ABW, subigo

    Your site will soon appear in ngoogle after the crawl. Initially you may get better traffic and later it will settle (google is generous to new websites).
    Next, trade links with similar sites...

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