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    January 17th, 2005
    I've been lurking on BestWeb for a while but I haven't posted before because I felt I had little to offer except for asking questions that I could answer by reading the posts others had made. I'm posting today because our company has a position to fill and I'm hoping perhaps one of you can connect me with a talented SEO Specialist looking for a fulltime job. They can work from anywhere as long as they have broadband. You can reach me at or call me at 1-707-534-1989.


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    The resident expert is MarkyMark and reputable SEO/SEM experts are a mixed bag of tricks. He knows the steady routes. Me I just stumble on listings and prefer niche' merchants who's product lines automatically rank.
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    Only thing is - I already have a fulltime job as an SEO ! Thanks for thinking of me though, Mike.

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