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    Take off eh?
    Just received this through the CJ mail from a merchant I'm signed up with.


    A new "Free" Marketing Tool from Exotic Gardens. Just in time for the Holidays.

    "See You Again Shortcut"TM, a patent pending technology, gives your visitors the power to place our company logo on their Windows Desktop, Start Menu, and more. Your visitors can then click on our logo at any time -- right from their Desktop -- and are automatically taken directly back to our site. The result will quickly become thousands of extra targeted visitors per month and a significant increase in your sales commission volume. (Each desktop icon has your Merchant ID so you'll receive the commissions).

    We offer you this great marketing tool for FREE to use as you please. In order to make it easier for your site visitors to use this desktop icon, we are offering them a financial incentive. Your customer will receive a $5.00 discount coupon when they go to our site through this icon and enter code # ICO in the offer code box.

    To install this new link on your web site simply go to the address below and follow the quick and easy instructions.

    As always, thank you again for your continued support! Please feel free to contact us with any questions at 1-800-YES-SMILE x 145.

    thoughts, comments?

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    popdawg: See You Again Shortcut is pure bs.I used them a long time ago, and it was not worth the time or money. Also do not pay for See You Again Shortcut, they triple charged me on my credit card and it caused problems with my computer.. Just be careful, I'm not going to use it since I had horrible results in the past. and they send way to much spam.. your looking at alot of spam...

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    Oh. My. Hell.

    I thought that idiot finally went away.

    Be VERY careful not to get on his mailing list, he never ever stops.

    I'm pretty sure if you do a search here on either See You Again Shortcut or the original guy who ran it (Paul Burke, wasn't it??) you'll see the troubles people had with them.

    My comment? RUN. Pray they don't have your email address.

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