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    I am just about ot register quite a few domain names and could do with a bit of pre-buy info!

    Many domains I am after have gone but are available with more than one hyphen in them

    Has anyone had any experience with domains with more than one hyphen?

    I am mainly concerned if any domains like this can achieve a good ranking position and are not classed as different from domain names with no hyphens by search engines.

    Cheers for any info,

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    I have a PR5 two hyphen domain site.

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    Theories abound, but I have never seen evidence of hyphenated domains being penalised. By the same token, any SEO advantage isn't as large as you might hope for either.

    My hyphenated domains do just fine.

    One thing to note though - they're fine if you're going for search engine traffic. If you are building anything major that might be passed around word-of-mouth and attract typein traffic, then go with a domain with no hyphens and make sure it spells like it sounds.

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    I have a PR5 site with no hyphens. Top keyword phrase for home page ranks #1 on Google when doing a "allinanchor" search.

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    I've had a (single) hypenated for several years and Google had no problem locating it (AFAIK, based on the hit count). Recently, I reg'd a hypenated for aff. mkting purposes. Once I have stats, I'll report back.


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    pros and cons :

    No hyphens is probably easy to type

    Hyphens is easrier to read so maybe slightly improve clickthorugh rates on search engine results

    Hyphens make it possible for search engines to parse words in domain.

    The reason is simple ,


    this could be either


    so the hyphened names are unambiguous and allow a SE to potentially see the wrods in a domain name.

    All thigns being equal I usually go for both to so someone grabbing the alternate variant.

    Hope that helps


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    I registered it with and without hyphens and use the hyphenated version in all linkbacks and advertising. It has a PR5. The non-hyphenated version simply does a url redirect to the hyphenated version. I get lots of hits for people looking for that specific phrase, plus lots of hits from whois from people I assume wish they had it

    Now if it would sell more stuff, I'd be really happy (Still building, but all the current pages are in google.)

    Most of my domains are hyphenated, but I always check the non hyphenated site to see if I will be unhappy about sending them traffic, because I will send them traffic whether I want to or not.
    Deborah Carney

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