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    Correct me if I'm wrong because I know little about cookies and they way merchants track.

    Doesn't the merchant have to set a cookie?

    I was checking cookies being set by merchants and realized that toyworldtoo does not set cookies. Not one! I thought they would have to, especially with 30 return days.

    Clarification will be much appreciated.


    PS, I joined their program when they first started on CJ, not one sale yet.

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    The cookies are controlled by cj under the domain

    When your link is clicked, the cookie is set. During check-out on the merchants site, the cookie is read by CJ on the thank-you/receipt page via a hidden (1x1) image.

    Since web browsers only allow the domain that sets the cookie to manipulate it, it cuts down on the possibility of cookie tampering.

    That is how a site would do it without setting their own cookie.

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    Thanks, Scott. I appreciate the info!

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