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    How long does it take for an order to show up in the CJ reports? I just did a test purchase at Alight (christmas presents) and it hasn't shown up... I've purchased stuff from Sheplers before and it showed up straight away... so I thought Alight would be the same.

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    For me, usually within an hour or so.

    Some vendors "batch" their information when sending it to CJ, which would account for the delay. You might check the vendor's info to see if they do that.

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    In this case, Alight does not accurately track sales - I'm going to post it in test purchases.

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    If the merchant batches, it will show the latest batch dates on their info page. I usually allow 24 hours before complaining if the merchant doesn't batch, just in case CJ is slow to update reports. I allow at least one batch cycle to pass before complaining if the merchant does batch transactions.

    Quite often, these transactions will come sliding in very quietly, and very late for some reason.


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    Andy - Batch Process Transactions: No

    So.... Alight didn't track

    If it werent christmas presents I'd cancel the order.

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