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    Its been one of those nights....

    1. If I buy a site with good PR, will the transfer of that site (domain name and host) somehow reduce the PR or will google eventually lower it like it was an expired domain?

    2. Will changing keywords and page content affect PR or is PR based soley on links?


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    I can't comment on #1, as I've never done it. I do know of one site that still has PR5, despite being sold a year ago after undergoing a complete change in focus and mission.

    PR itself is based on inbound links. PR is one of the functions used to calculate the search results. The other functions are related to keyword density and usage.
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    Consider also that the owner of the site may be linking to it from other high ranking sites that they also own. If this is the case and they sell the site you, they may not keep the links. That could affect the PR.


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    1. I've done this once, mainly cos I liked the domain name, bought it from current owner so it never expired, the PR stayed the same, google didn't seem to care about the change of ownership

    2. I don't think it will alter the PR, but of course it could alter the search engine rankings, e.g. if you buy a domain that has a good pr and 100's of inbound links with anchor text like 'fashion tips' and 'hair styles' that's not going to help you sell motorcycle parts

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